Long Beach, CA January 19-21, 2024 Long Beach Convention Center

About the Conference

To become part of this year’s Impressions Conference program and receive your certificate of completion, you must complete 10 credits by attending various workshops and seminars during Impressions Expo. Receive 1 credit per seminar and 2 credits per workshop. Impressions conference is made up of 7 tracks. Each track contains workshops and seminars from beginner to advanced levels of difficulty and are designed to solve the real challenges you face each day. 

Impressions Conference Tracks:

Looking for ways to boost sales? Need to refine your approach to marketing? Neet tips on how to find the correct niche for your business? Need to figure out ways to improve branding? Attend workshops and sessions in this track to improve many aspects of your business and increase your bottom line.

An increasingly popular method for print-on-demand fulfillment, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing continues to gain popularity in the decorated-apparel industry. Workshops and seminars in this track tackle topics ranging from sales and marketing of DTG-printed products, to the intricacies of production – pretreatment, correct fabric selection, curing and other variables – involved in the process.

In this track, workshop and sessions participants will learn about many aspects of stitching designs and the variables involved. From lettering and fonts to color blending and embroidery machine maintenance – and everything in between – these workshops and sessions will help embroiderers hone their craft and fortify their skills.

Creating compelling, customer-pleasing designs is one of the cornerstones of decorated apparel. This track includes workshops and seminars that are designed to explore the finer points of creating headturning artwork for different embellishment processes that will wow your customers.

Are you ready to explore the wide world of heat-applied graphics? Whether you use a heat press to supplement your business or are new to the process, this track includes workshops and seminars focused on equipment, materials, films, application tips and tricks, and how to position your business for success using this popular decorating technique.

Whether it’s inks, equipment, special-effects applications, screen making, techniques, production and more, this track features workshops and sessions that enable screen printers to improve and optimize their proficiency in the nuts and bolts of this decorating discipline. Workshops are held in either traditional or hands-on formats.

Whether it’s on apparel, soft goods, home decor or hard surfaces, sublimation is an incredibly popular decoration method. Workshops and seminars in this track feature content on everything from color management and substrates to maximixing sales. Learn the nuts and bolts of this exciting process with content from this track.